Human Trafficking Interventions

Belize, like other Central American and Caribbean countries, faces a challenge addressing human trafficking due to its geographic location along migratory routes as well as challenging socio-economic conditions. Belize has been identified as a source, transit and destination country for human trafficking. Though advances have been made to strengthen laws, protection responses and law enforcement responses using survivor-centred approaches, the challenge remains, especially at the community level.

CDF works with communities to provide public education on safe, orderly and regular migration to discourage irregular migration that can put persons at risk for human trafficking. CDF also provides migration support services to support regularization through its Migrant Hub.

Further, CDF provides rehabilitative support and accommodation support services to survivors for long-term recovery and reintegration.

Countrywide efforts are greatly assisted by the general public that call in to report suspected cases of exploitation and human trafficking. Numbers to call are:

  • The Police Department in towns and villages countrywide (911)
  • Crime Stoppers Belize 0-800-922-TIPS(8477)
  • The Anti Trafficking in Persons Council Belize (ATIPS): +1 501-227-0840

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