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Rise Girls

RISE is an acronym for “revitalizing initiative, supporting and engaging” girls. The RISE Girls club is a systematic curriculum to teach girls about adolescent development covering topics such as menstruation, body positivity, supportive networks, sexual and reproductive health, goals, child abuse risks, and healthy emotional development.

The club offers a range of tools that assist young girls to deal with the unique challenges they may face as they develop into women and a safe place for socialization. As a part of the course, the girls learn about leadership & social skills. They look at the internal changes that girls face as well as the external changes. They learn positive communication skills and are guided toward developing the right sense of identity and gain greater insight into healthy relationships.

The RISE Girls program also has a component for parents to help them to build strong communication dynamics with their adolescent girls and to better understand the challenges they face as well as how to better support the positive development of their girls.

In addition, teachers and community leaders also receive the capacity to create an enabling environment to support girls to reach their full potential and complete their educational goals. The program also provides counselling support for girls who are at risk for dropping out of school due to child marriage/early union or teenage pregnancy or child sexual abuse.

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